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In the intricate sphere of organisational dynamics, elements such as vision, mission and values operate as navigators, charting a course for organisations to achieve strategic objectives. By promoting a unified purpose and direction, they serve as essential tools for nurturing cooperation within teams and enhancing the overall performance at different levels- from organisational to project-specific contexts. They offer a unified framework that encapsulates a company’s vision, mission, and value, serving as the cornerstone for its success in strategically accomplishing its organised goals.


In an ever-changing and complex world, organisations require a clear sense of purpose to navigate business challenges and embrace opportunities. Vision, mission, and values statements serve as a guide, providing the path forward to a clear and aligned purpose. While the mission statement focuses on today and what the organisation does to achieve it, the vision statement focuses on tomorrow and what it aims to become.

Let’s explore these guiding concepts and their impact on organisational success.

Definition of Vision

Vision represents a concise st