The Click! Colours approach guides teams towards better understanding, communication, and performance in the modern workplace. This novel technique, created by Greg Barnes and David Koutsoukis, builds on decades of personality and psychometric instrument knowledge. Learn how to Click with people to improve your relationships, teamwork and decision-making.


Ever wondered why some people click, and others clash? Psychometric profiling provides valuable insights into their own behaviour that can greatly benefit teams. By assessing team members’ psychological attributes and preferences, organisations can create more cohesive and productive teams.

Understanding individual personalities, work styles, and communication preferences enables team members to interact more effectively, minimising misunderstandings and conflicts. This heightened awareness also promotes empathy and collaboration, as team members appreciate the diverse perspectives and approaches that each individual brings to the table.

In addition, psychometric profiling aids in optimising team composition. By strategically combining members with complementary strengths and skills, teams become bett